Saturday, December 03, 2005

Good Morning! It snowed about a foot last night, which should make for an interesting start today. No doubt course workers have been working since the early hours to clear away what snow they can to make the hill as buffed as possible.
The first run is scheduled to start at 11am.
USA's first racer will Be Bode Miller, who drew #7 followed by #12 Daron Rahlves, #22 Dane Spencer, #23 Erik Schlopy, #41 Jimmy Cochran, #51 Chip Knight, #63 Ted Ligety and #54 Jake Zamansky.
Canada's Thomas Grandi, who won back to back World Cups last year wil start first.
Last night at the Inn at Beaver Creek, the U.S. Ski Team threw a small victory celebration and champagne toast. It was exciting for the team because they have claimed victory at home twice in a row, leaving the Austrian's scratching their heads. Head coaches Phil McNichol and John McBride said it was a great start to an Olympic year, and they hoped the team would carry momentum through the World Cups to come.
TV crews with cameras and boom mics swarmed the room picking up Bode and Daron's conversations with friends, and photographers buzzed to capture the scene.
More from the GS - Stay tuned.


Blogger BDuke said...

Yah! Marina has a blog and it's cool and black with white letters. So psyched your going to Torino.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Marina Knight said...

Thanks, glad you like it!

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