Thursday, December 15, 2005

Our Coverage of ski racing was a topic at our weekly editorial meeting today. The Stowe Reporter has a long history of following ski racing at a local and international level. It is a component of our newspaper that we pride and one that makes us stand out however off-beat some of our readers may find it. We are the official newspaper for the Vermont Alpine Racing Association, and are rekindling a keen eye on the World Cup tour. In addition we are trying to meet the requests of numerous readers to include more stories about snowboarding and cross-country skiing, also popular winter sports in Stowe.
In this week's edition of the Stowe Reporter you'll find stories about Hannah Kearney and Andy Newell of Vermont, who recently posted strong results in World Cup competitions in freestyle skiing and nordic sprinting.
Next week, we'll have coverage of the Grand Prix snowboard events taking place now in Breckenridge, Colo.
Part of the effort this year is to provide readers and fans with a preview of what's going on in each sport leading up to the Olypics in Feb., which the Stowe Reporter will be covering. We want to pay special attention to Vermont athletes who will be competing in Torino, as well as those who have a shot at making the Olympic team.
The opportunity for us to be there amid the 10,000 other members of the media is special and exciting and we look forward to bringing the Games home to Stowe.
When the Games begin our coverage will include weekly features in our print edition along with more frequently posted stories on our website-, just click on the Olympic logo to get them. This blog will be an informal way to share news and stories from Torino and will be updated daily starting Feb. 10, 2006. It can be accessed through our website as you must know because you're here now.
As of next week in our print edition there will be a Vermont Ski Racing cover after the sports section of the paper. In the Sports section you will find news and coverage of the Stowe High School varsity sports teams, and other local sports news. The Vermont Ski Racing section will be devoted to VARA, Eastern Cup, Nor-Am and World Cup skiing. We will also publish articles with "An eye on Torino" in the skiing section.
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