Monday, January 30, 2006

Gearing up for the Games

I can feel my departure date coming like a train now - one that's moving fast. Part of me wants it to slow down, so I can be sure to organize everything. Another part of me wants to get there already!
We (the Stowe Reporter) have been preparing for the Olympics for what seems like the better part of a year now. As the Opening Ceremonies draw closer (Feb. 10, 8pm on NBC) my email inbox has been barraged with notes from friends and family to wish me well, press releases about athletes we'll be keeping an eye on and travel tips from the United States Olympic Committee. The lastest word from Italy is that snow, on the order of three feet, has finally come to the mountains. Before the snowfall workers were carting in snow to cover the dowhill track in Sestiere, now it seems they have an overabundance.

Our coverage in Torino will be three-fold.

1. This Blog, which I will update as often as possible. The Blog will serve as my daily journal. Log on and you could read about the dude I met on the bus ride to a ski jumping competition and see a picture of him, what the weather is doing or any other thing Olympic.

2. Web content. The Stowe Reporter will be updating the Olympic section of our website on a daily basis with interesting features. We want you to be there, hearing the crowds, slogging through the slush and witnessing amazing feats of athleticism. The website will also include links to schedules, results, television coverage and other interesting Olympic sites, plus bios on Vermont's "Great 8." Let the Stowe Reporter be your portal to the Torino Games.

3. The Olympics in Print. Each week, the Stowe Reporter will be devoting a section of the paper, published each Thursday, with Olympic content. Contact for subscriptions.

This will all happen assuming I don't forget important things like battery chargers and computer converters, and do not get swallowed up by this amorphous blob some are calling the Olympics. I am after all one small, rookie reporter diving into what is perhaps the biggest media event in the sporting world, and I am doing it alone.....Should be a blast.


Blogger cresmer said...

Hey, you did the paragraph breaks! Thanks. You might try making the titles of your posts stand out a little more. You should be able to do this by tweaking your post settings. Shouldn't be difficult to do. Otherwise, I think the information all blurs together.

This is a link to my old Blogger blog to show you what I'm talking about. For some reason, you have to scroll down really far to see the posts (ignore that) but when you get to them, you'll see that the titles are set out from the posts differently. I don't remember how I did that--I think it was just automatic--but I recommend that you do more of that on your blog.

Looking forward to your Olympics coverage!

8:25 AM  
Blogger nifer said...

Hope you had a safe flight and arrived without too much hassle! Can you post pictures at all?

9:48 AM  

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