Friday, February 17, 2006

Snowy weather puts downhill in question

Skies that cleared yesterday afternoon reverted to clouds and snow this morning. A few inches has fallen so far and the winds have picked up, too. It's putting into question whether they will be able to run the women's dowhnill portion of the combined. The start has been delayed until one o'clock, and the start has been moved down to where the super g begins.
The forecast in the mountains is for snow until Sunday with clearing after. It's sunny in Torino...
All of us reporters are sitting around in the press center trying to decide what to do. Some will head off to cover other events, some will remain here until a decision is made then either make a break for San Sicario, about half an hour from here by bus, or watch the race here and wait for tonight's slalom.
Starters for the US include, Lindsey Kildow, Resi Steigler, Julia Mancuso and Kaylin Richardson, and if history plays a role in today's outcome the team could do very well. Kildow has a 5th in combined at San Sicario in 2005. In the same race Mancuso was 6th, Stiegler was 8th and Richardson on 16th. In addition, Mancuso has two World Junior combined gold medals, one in 2002 and another in 2004. Kildow's best finish in World Cup combined was a 4th at World Championships in 2005. Stiegler could also contend as she holds a bronze medal in the event from World Juniors in 2003.


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