Saturday, February 18, 2006

Austria's Niki Hosp after the slalom portion of women's combined.

Photo by Marina Knight

Weather plagues speed races

After nearly a day of waiting around for an opening clear enough to start the women's downhill portion of the combined race the ladies finally got a chance to race. The slalom, a veritable 40-second sprint, was held last night at Sestriere Colle.
Marlies Schild is in the lead with Janica Kostelic in second and Anja Paerson third.
The downhill is likely to be rescheduled again because again we woke up to snow. The men's super g is scheduled to re-start at 1:30pm after close to 15 racers went down before visibility got too dangerous and unfair to go on. It started to snow hard after about five racers had gone and they posted times which the later and not to mention better skiers could not match.
The forecast is for continued snow through tomorrow.
In hindsight it would have been better to schedule the speed races closer to the beginning so that in the case of bad weather there would be more room to reschedule. As it is now the alpine races are stacked up until the end.


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