Friday, February 17, 2006

Gold slips away

Vermont's Lindsey Jacobellis fell on the second to last jump after pulling a trick air to lose a sizeable lead and come in second, winning the silver medal in Bardonecchia, Italy.
Tanja Frieden of Switzerland passed Jacobellis as she tried to get back her momentum and won the gold medal. Canada's Domique Maltais won bronze after a fall of her own on the top part of the course.

Women's DH postponed

The downhill portion of the women's combined has been postponed and officials have not said when the race will take place. The slalom portion is set for 17:00 and 19:30 in Sestriere Colle. Winds that blew away clouds and snow became a problem as gusts swept up the hill at San Sicario early this afternoon. Croatian Nikka Fleiss was the first and only racer to run the course. She was blown backward off the top jump and fell, but got up and finished.
"The race is not fair," she told Italian tv at the bottom. Shortly after, the race was postponed.


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