Friday, February 10, 2006

Dispatch from Paris

In the five hours I have been sitting here at the airport in Paris as the time ticks down to the Opening Ceremonies I've had lots of fun. Since landing I've wandered the halls, browsed in shops, had some poached eggs and even got to sit outside for a minute. It's almost warm enough to cause a little body shock from the cooler Vermont climes.
One of the highlights was meeting former Luger Tim Wiley and his wife while waiting in line to try and get on an earlier flight to Torino. Tim was in the 1992 and 1994 Olypics and after he retired from Luge, he became a whitewater Kayaker and almost qualified for the 1996 Olympic Team. He was an alternate.
They both live in the Boston area, and are headed to the Games to enjoy and spectate. Tim is on the board of the US Olympic Committee now. Kristen's French nearly got me on an earlier flight, but just when we though we had the Air France people keen on the idea of switching my ticket for their friend's, who was on the early flight, they started shaking their heads and pouting, "No, no, I am so sorry, but it izz impossible, in a heavy French accent.
Oh, well. It was a good solid try.
Anyway, it's a sunny day here in Paris. Probably about 60 degrees. I was here once as a child and remeber sitting on a big fountain somewhere while my mother took my picture. That's a much fonder memory than the one I'm currently creating.


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