Monday, February 20, 2006

More snow in the mountains

It snowed a foot last night. Most of it came down while I was in Torino watching the US men's team get beat by Sweden, 2-1. As we came outside the rink we were surprised to see huge flakes coming down and collecting.
My mind flashed back to my friendly driver from the first day who told me it never snowed in the city. I could only imagine what was happening in Sestriere.
It doesn't take much snow to really mess things up here. The ride back took more than three hours, and once in Cesana the driver had to put chains on for the big set of switchbacks. I was lucky to be with my husband, and we were even luckier to have run into some of the ski team's VIPs who gave us a ride back. If we were left to our own devices we would have been stranded for sure as the media buses stopped running.
We arrived back in town at close to midnight to see the giant slalom hill still completely covered with powder. There wasn't a machine on it; only a few nice powder tracks left by some course worker. Looks like they decided to have some fun before they got to work.
Seems typical of the whole experience so far. Have fun first, then get serious. It applies to most everything and wait until the last possible second to organize anything.
Not that I'm bagging on it. It just takes some time to adjust to; one of those cultural differences that just are.
We woke this morning to cleared skies and beautiful sun. The hill was totally buffed and ready to go, and surprisingly the start was only delayed by an hour.
I'll try to come up with other examples of this chaos to further illustrate.


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